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Camtasia and snagit for education

On-demand, on-line lessons and personalized instruction. TechSmith works with teachers, principals, IT coordinators, superintendents and parents to keep up with what’s happening in the world of education and technology. Learn about the trends that are redefining education and how TechSmith products can make you and your students more successful.


Create video lessons for quality online courses

Keep a human element in flipped and blended learning. Include interactive quiz questions - true/false, multiple choice, or open-ended - to measure student comprehension

  • Easily record your screen and PowerPoints

  • Include webcam, animation, music, hotspots, and green screen

  • Bring in educational content from YouTube, camera, or smartphone

  • Add captions for ADA accessibility


Create handouts, how-tos, and video feedback

Create dynamic visuals for instruction, plus give personalized feedback on assignments. Explain complex concepts with crystal-clear images, and record video lessons with webcam.

  • Grab screenshots, even scrolling pages

  • Enhance with words, arrows, blur, shapes, and highlight

  • Record your screen, including webcam, and share with students

  • Grab and replace text with OCR (Optical Character Recognition)

Online, blended or flipped learning

Why educators use TechSmith:

Professional development library

On-demand, personalized instruction

Camtasia and Snagit can be used to meet such needs: 

Record videos

Personalized feedback

Ad-hoc capture


OCR/ grab Text

Automated workflow

Image capture/ editing


Video syllabus

Project-based capture

Flipped learning

Online orientation

Captions/ accessibility

In-video quizzing

TechSmith offers aggressive Education Pricing levels for computer labs, faculty, staff and students

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Before, I was forcing all my students to learn the same way I learned (lecture - homework - test - repeat). It worked for me when I was in high school and college but it doesn't work for many of my students.” - Dan Spencer, Jackson County ISD

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